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MedTech Blockchain web platform

The FHNW Institute of Business Engineering, in collaboration with research and industry partners, is developing a digital quality and ordering platform that uses the blockchain technology to store and make available regulatory and logistically relevant data across the entire supply chain in a cryptographically and auditable manner.

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Research questions

How must the organizational and technical concept of privacy vs. transparency of transaction data in the MedTech Blockchain look like, that these two conflicting requirements are equally and sufficiently ensured ?
Privacy vs. Transparency: How can the state-of-the-art blockchain technology be used to implement the number of transactions to be expected in this application without any scaling problems ?
What demands does the medtech industry places on the use of blockchain technology and the associated organization or division of tasks in order to reduce risks and costs along the entire supply chain ?
What requirements do various stakeholders, in particular auditors and regulatory authorities, impose on a blockchain solution, that on one hand permits purely digital transactions and on other hand meets the regulatory requirements of the notified bodies, that the proof of transactions on paper or on other ways is no longer necessary ?


Producers of MedTech products are obliged to record the quality data of the manufactured products for the benefit of their customers without gaps and to archive them for over 99 years or lifetime. These regulatory requirements cause a great deal of effort in the supply chain for multiple and sometimes redundant quality assurance measures and their documentation. If necessary, the archived data for audits or to the attention of the regulatory authorities must be prepared promptly and made available. These documentation and audit processes are characterized by various media discontinuities and thus resource and time intensive as well as error prone.


The MedTech Blockchain web platform digitizes the documentation and transfer of quality and regulation-relevant data within the medtech supply network. The central innovation is the use of blockchain technology, which enables cryptographically secure, decentralized and auditable quality data storage.
In addition to the mentioned quality data, the web platform also digitizes the operative order call-off process between customer and supplier. This helps the participating companies quantify lower procurement and settlement costs, lower audit costs, compensate for additional regulatory costs, significantly reduce the quality assurance costs of the incoming goods inspection and generally accelerate processes.
Overall, the competitiveness of the medtech sector will be strengthened sustainably with the scalable MedTech Blockchain web platform.



FHNW Institute of Business Engineering


FHNW Institute of Mobile and Distributed Systems


24 month


Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency


Prof. Dr. Adrian Specker

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