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In the second round of the competition, participants will receive support from mentors. These mentors are recruited from the environment of the Baselland Chamber of Commerce and are experienced entrepreneurs who can support our participants in the implementation of their innovation and, above all, bring in their practical experience.

Content, goal and benefits of mentoring at the Swiss Innovation Challenge

The mentors and their mentees determine the main focus of the mentoring program. In addition to exchanging ideas, pointing out opportunities and risks and providing support in decision-making, sparring of strategic options during the market launch, "challenges" of the business plan, tips on marketing and critical examination of the topic of finance are just a few of the countless possibilities offered by mentoring. There is also the opportunity to expand the network.
The focus is on the overall goal of improving the innovation project through support from an experienced and proven personality (mentor).

Benefits for the mentees
- Improvement of the assessment of the potential
- Support in identifying the strengths and limitations of the project
- Acquisition of new food for thought and perspectives
- Access and expansion of the network

Benefits for the mentors
- Insight into new and young companies
- Receiving fresh ideas and new impulses
- Training and extension of own competences
- Expansion of the network

Process steps of mentoring in the Swiss Innovation Challenge
The mentoring is closely supported by the IWF AG (subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce) during the Swiss Innovation Challenge. The following process steps are applied.
Clarification of mentoring needs.
Identification and recording of the mentor competencies in demand (professional and/or industry-specific).
Matchmaking with the existing mentor pool.
General process support.