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German for refugees


Since 2.5 years Deutsch@PH offers German classes, primarily for refugees but also for other persons with migration background. The commitment arose from the fact that the federal government and the cantons were not prepared for the wave of refugees in 2016. Not enough German courses have been available for this purpose and the students of the PH Solothurn wanted to counteract this deficiency.

The aim of the association is to integrate the offer into the university. With a service learning module, the students combine practical experience with the knowledge they have learnt.

Students repeatedly complain about the lack of practical experience. By teaching German, the students can not only learn to rhythmise their lessons, but also get to know the different cultures they will encounter in the different classrooms in the future.

People with a migration background also benefit from the free offer. On the one hand, they have access to professional German lessons and, on the other hand, they can break down fears and prejudices about the school system, teachers of education, other cultures and the locals.

Elia Leiser & Team