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Promoting Up-to-date Biodiversity

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We have set ourselves the goal of transforming the often unused balcony into a symbiosis of the needs of people and nature into a paradise for people and the environment.

Although a total of 0.5 to 1 million of around 8 million species are endangered, 60 percent of the 1143 insect species occurring in Switzerland are endangered and the insect biomass has decreased by 76 percent, there is no imminent change of the problem in sight. More and more people want to commit themselves to the environment, but this often results in a resignation and giving up. Lack of knowledge and the associated time requirements as well as designless products lead to lower engagement for the environment.

We develop and design products that promote biodiversity but are also stylish. To save people time and effort, we combine suitable plants, design containers and matching accessories into complete packages that are conveniently sent home. Guided by the website or app, the right combination is provided for every person and environmental condition. Thus the own balcony, in the style of the apartment, can be furnished very easily nature-promoting.

Alice Huber und Silvan Häfeli