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We save bees by giving people the choice to wear sustainable & fair clothing.


BEEYOND is a sustainable streetwear brand born in Switzerland. We are a group of young people who care about mother nature and we are eager to make an impact on the future of our precious bees. We want to give like-minded people the choice to wear sustainable, fair and locally produced clothing that represents their mindset. Our goal is to raise awareness for the issue of bee mortality and sustainable clothing while providing a simple opportunity to save our bees and the environment.


With our success, we want to give back to mother nature what we have taken from her. Together with our beekeeping partner, we have launched the SAVE SOME BEES initiative to fight against bee mortality by cultivating European honeybees under strictly sustainable conditions. Since most of the factors that cause the extinction of bees are actually made by humans, we will be able to have a positive influence by supporting sustainable beekeeping and other bee conservation projects in the future.


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