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The new generation of light


Aurelion is an intelligent lighting system for industrial plant cultivation. With individually controlled diodes and a completely configurable app, it is possible to set an exact light spectrum over the course of a day or simulate different climate and vegetation zones. In this way, the specific light requirements of plants can be fully covered, increasing both yield and lighting efficiency. Integrated microcontrollers allow several lamps to be wirelessly connected. Stored plant lighting profiles are available in the app and can be used, adjusted and shared. A lamp prototype is currently being tested in the SWAG system ( By using aluminium and 3D printed parts, the product can be recycled to a large extent. Once fully developed, the standardizable Aurelion lamps can be used wherever a precisely designed light profile is required, such as in research and development, horticulture and vertical farms, as well as in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.