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Ort_ing is a project born from a willingness to reshape the cities of today into better cities for tomorrow, to create a place where rurality and urbanity can reunite and most importantly, to provide a platform that can drive change.

Knowing that modern agriculture is the main driver of climate change and many related issues, we believe there is a need to revolutionize the system, a need to reinvent the way we produce food, and we trust it must come from people, therefore from cities.

The current pandemic has also put a spotlight on food security and lead to a new need to rethink urban spaces. 

Ort_ing is our humble take on these issues and our contribution towards a more sustainable future.

The idea behind Ort_ing is to create parklets across the city, to build corridors for biodiversity within the city in which people can garden, meet, play and learn together. Parklets are usually curbside parking spaces converted into vibrant community spaces but with Ort_ing we want to go the extra mile by repurposing parking spots into mini urban (communal) vegetable gardens which will be then unified by a digital educational itinerary aimed at educating people, especially kids, on how food is grown, what impacts have the various agricultural practices on the environment and most of all, how our daily food choices are affecting the planet socially, environmentally and economically speaking.