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Blocsy Furniture

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Furniture waste is the fastest growing landfill category in Switzerland. Locally, each year, in the Canton de Vaud & Canton de Geneve, 30,000 tons of wooden furniture waste is created every year. In the EU, this equates to 10 million tons of furniture waste most of which ends up in landfill. A lot of this waste is made of laminated man-made boards which are not environmentally friendly, don’t cope well when disassembled and put back together again, and are not very adaptable. This is part of a wasteful 'fast furniture' model which needs to stop! Blocsy is here to drive a circular approach that respects our planet's resources and gives more value to users. Blocsy offers a simple, tool-less, inclusive design which allows users to quickly and easily change the function of their furniture, to suit  their changing needs. We strive to provide people with a furniture system you should never need to throw away.  Think ‘Lego Furniture’. Assemble, disassemble, reassemble with Blocsy endlessly to suit your ever changing shelving, storage and furniture needs.  Blocsy aims to disrupt the current ‘fast furniture’ mentality and has been designed with the 6R’s (Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Repair, Reuse and only then, Recycle) at its core. We are an ESG driven business with 3 value driven goals

  1. provide a high quality product and service
  2. be environmental champions
  3. be as inclusive as possible.