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Capt’n Greenfin

Capt'n Greenfin offers environmentally conscious fishermen a 100% natural and locally produced alternative to traditional plastic bait.


Capt'n Greenfin is turning sport fishing on its head by revolutionizing every bait type in a sustainable way, step by step. Sport fishermen like us fish specifically for predatory fish, which are outwitted with artificial fish imitations. Softbaits are imitation fish made of rubber, which are guided with a lead head close to the bottom. By fishing close to the bottom you lose a lot of bait. The three of us have already sunk at least 1,500 plastic lures in our beloved Lake Murten, which now remain there forever. In Switzerland there are over 150'000 patented fishermen! That's about 15 tons of plastic and 15 tons of lead that end up in our lakes and rivers every year through fishing alone. In addition, fish often bite off the end of the plastic baits, which are usually even poisonous and lead to the death of the fish. If we want to continue to pursue our hobby and enjoy the fine fish crispies without microplastics, something has to change in terms of environmental compatibility and sustainability. We fishermen have to rethink and act now. That is exactly what we have done! Our material is 100% natural, degrades completely within 1 week and is harmless to humans, animals and nature. Moreover, it has a similar elasticity and strength as the plastics used so far. The first prototypes work and the fish like them too. In addition, we are confident that with material experts we can improve our material even further and step by step revolutionize every type of bait in a sustainable way. To have a real impact, we need to distribute our Greenfins worldwide, always producing locally and socially. With GEWA from Zollikofen, we are setting up working islands for the production, packaging and shipping of the baits, which are scalable worldwide. In this way, we want to offer environmentally conscious fishermen worldwide a real alternative to conventional plastic lures and lead weights.