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Groam Tech

Groam is on a mission to combine the agricultural waste disposal industry and the polymeric foam industry.


Groam is a company in formation based on a foaming technology for biomaterials developed at the ETH university in Zurich. Groam is aspiring to demonstrate foaming of biodegradable materials based on agricultural waste streams into more sustainable alternatives to today’s polymeric foams.  

Today’s polymeric foams are very hard to recycle and don’t degrade. This is especially alarming for fast disposables like protective packaging, padding and cushioning in consumer goods or agricultural foam for plant substrate and many more. However, the polymeric foam industry is spread across many more sectors from insulation over automotive to furniture and bedding, rail, wind, marine and specialty foams. Today, all the sectors are looking for more sustainable solutions and alternatives to in most cases polyurethane and polystyrene foams.  

At Groam, we believe in a future of recycling and renewable resources enhancing the concepts of circular economy. Currently, Groam is focusing on developing foams from renewables that could be composted after end use in a standard composting facility. In case of Groam’s foams landing in the environment, they should not cause any harm and degrade safely in the environment.