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Our mission is to provide the easiest solution to consume food zero-waste and sustainably.


We address the reduction of CO2 emissions in three ways:

  1. reduce the number of one-time packaging
  2. avoid food waste
  3. sustainably chosen recipes.

How do we do that? At Happie, we make use of reusable bags and jars to provide our customers every week with healthy and tasty ready-to-make recipes. Each bag provides you with exactly the right amount of seasonal & sustainable ingredients to make your recipes. We also focus on supporting the Swiss economy by providing our customers with ingredients from local entrepreneurs like tofu, tomato sauce, and tempeh that are produced in the Basel Area. After a week of delicious meals, we take back the bag and jars, clean and prepare them for the next order.     

We are Bram and Dennis, the co-founders of Happie, both coming from the Netherlands. Having both a busy job in Basel Area at a corporate business for a few years, we experienced first-hand how hard it can be to avoid packaging and food waste while cooking something tasty and healthy all the time. We could not find any solution on the market but recognized the need for a solution with ourselves and with many others, so started to imagine a recipe bag that could make a real impact: no packaging waste, no food waste, tasty recipes, and sustainably sourced ingredients. And that is how Happie was born!