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Democratizing sustainable finance


The worsening environmental crisis and the growing need for sustainable financial investments - especially among younger generations - require more transparency regarding the impact of investments. 

In order to avert developments of various kinds that are harmful to the future, a rethink of investing in the financial markets is required, starting with the recognition that every investment decision also ultimately has an impact on the environment. More sustainable investment decisions can effectively combat climate change. To date, there are hardly any opportunities for private investors, but also for professional asset managers, to inform themselves about the impact of their investments in a simple, efficient and understandable way.  

This is where Leafs comes in, by helping financial market participants understand how sustainable their investments are from both a personal (‘risk’) and environmental (‘impact’) perspective, and how they can improve them according to their preferences (‘optimization’). Leafs is made up of an interdisciplinary team with strong roots in IT, finance, and marketing that is on a mission to democratize sustainable investing.