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Project Foodangels

A lot of energy is used for the production of food. We think: None of it should be wasted!


Unfortunately, it is still too costly for many wholesalers and retailers to put all the food to good use. That is why we take food reverse logistics into our own hands. Careful handling of surplus food is already possible, thanks to us and many like-minded people.

No matter what goods end up with us, we make the best of it. Flawless goods with a continuous cold chain are given to charitable institutions where people with a small budget can benefit from them. Food that is no longer suitable for human consumption is given to non-commercial food and animal sanctuaries. If neither humans nor animals have a need for the food we collect, it is preserved: we produce juices, dried fruits and much more. We collect spoiled and defective goods on our own compost. Thanks to earthworms and microorganisms, supposed waste is transformed into fertile humus.

The commitment of foodangels makes the terms "sustainability" and "foodwaste" understandable and visible. We use our experience and knowledge to find and develop alternative recycling options. As big as the problem is, as huge is the potential for good solutions!