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Circular Design

Workshop Circular Design at the Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP), 22. – 26. August 2022

Key data

ECTS points
Next start
22. August 2022
1 Week
Final application date
Apr 30, 2022
Teaching language
German / Englisch
CHF 900.– (view fees)
Study mode

The five-day “Circular Design” continuing education course is directed at practising designers who deal with tangible products and want to apply circular economy principles in their work. It is being offered as part of the FHNW’s Circular Design Processes and Practices initiative.

The course is practically oriented from the start: participants begin with an analysis of the environmental impact of specific objects and learn about the use and limitations of life cycle assessment methods. The next step involves a problem-oriented and critical introduction to the foundations and principles of the circular economy. After that, participants perform material flow and stakeholder analyses of the product system in order to identify possible starting points for making systemic improvements. Based on these analyses, participants will develop innovative design solutions and new business models with the help of reliable design tools and circular design principles. The continuing education course concludes with a final critique of the proposals that have been developed.

Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP)

The Institute of Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP) works at the intersection of education, research, knowledge production, and design mediation. It encompasses three fields of study: Fashion Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design & Scenography and offers students, researchers and staff from various disciplines a lively, creative environment to explore and mediate contemporary, reflective design practices.

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Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP)

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW Academy of Art and Design Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP) Freilager-Platz 1, Postfach 4002 Basel
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