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Generative Design

Workshop Generative Design at the Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE)

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15 July 2024
1 Week
Final application date
Fri, 14.6.2024
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CHF 900.– (view fees)
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As designers embraced the computer decades ago, the mouse became a crucial tool to implement one’s ideas in the digital domain. From the early 2000s, programming frameworks enabled artists and designers to express themselves and create their own tools, commonly referred to as creative coding. Since the 2010s, a new era of frameworks has taken advantage of web browsers’ increased speed and capability, utilizing the HTML5 Canvas element as a sandbox for interaction. With the help of one of those frameworks, p5.js, one can quickly get up and running to code motion graphics, interactive visuals for a website, custom tools with GUI elements, and much more! By using dynamic inputs such as mouse movements, random chance, or time of day, one can influence parameters controlling the design of images, shapes, typography, to name just a few. This exciting realm of infinite possibilities, where every rendering can be unique, is what we mean by generative design. In this workshop (intended for both absolute beginners and experienced coders alike), we shall dive right into key functions for generating forms and type, setting them into motion, allowing user interaction to influence them and design our own digital tools for visual communication. In this workflow, we shall explore live coding, using a custom environment, where one sees instantaneous visuals as the code changes. Therefore, we shall have to take it one small step further and make our sketches audio-reactive, just in case you plan to VJ on the weekend.

Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE)

Through digital media and the democratisation of communication channels that goes hand in hand with it, the critical handling of their visual and interaction-based design has become decisively more important, because the social relevance of information and communication has thus fundamentally changed.


Dreispitz Basel

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Basel Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel
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