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Speak Up and Lead

Workshop Speak Up and Lead at the Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE), 8 – 10 February 2023

Key data

ECTS points
Next start
8. February 2023
1 Week
Final application date
Jan 10, 2023
Teaching language
German / Englisch
CHF 500.– (view fees)
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Registration deadline has been extended to January 10, 2023

Finally, you will get the tools you need to find your way. In this workshop, we will learn how to listen to and quiet down our inner critics that hold us back from showing up, showing our work and speaking up. We will learn how to deal with our fears in a new way. We will connect to our inner mentors, and let go of outdated versions of careers, and instead understand our true calling. We will learn how to leave “good girl” and “good student” habits behind; instead of hiding, we will understand what it takes to be seen and heard. We will learn how to communicate forcefully. In this workshop, we will practice taking leaps, and above all understand that it can actually be easy to do. This workshop is for all people identifying or who have been socialised as women who want to play big in the arts, design, the social sector and education.

Institute of Arts and Design Education (IADE)

Art and design, and imparting their contents open up new ways of perceiving and shaping the world. Learning in art and design is marked by an intense experience of self-agency and dealing with highly diverse contexts.

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Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design, Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE) Building: A 1.18 Oslo-Strasse 3 CH - 4142 Münchenstein near Basel