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Video from your pocket - from TikTok to Immersion in Space

Workshop "Video from your pocket" - from TikTok to Immersion in Space at the Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP) from 18. to 26. August 2023

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ECTS points
Next start
19. August 2023
3 days of classroom teaching, 2 days of self-study
Final application date
Jul 14, 2023
Teaching language
Deutsch / Englisch
Ab CHF 900.– (see fees)
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We are currently revising our registration procedure for the workshops/continuing education offers. If you would like to register for an offer, please send us an email with your contact details and we will inform you about the next steps. Kind regards. Your Continuing Education Team at HGK Basel

How can I implement my creative skills and knowledge from my profession in moving image production? We try to show you the congruence between your profession and the issues in the moving image medium. Musicians, for example, understand a lot about rhythm, an element that represents an essential moment in the sequence of images and their length. Scenographers understand narration in space, which in turn can come into play in the moving image in a spatial installation with video projections. Actors from the field of visual communication have a good understanding of moments such as semantics and semiotics, which ultimately has an effect on the depth and stringency of communication in the moving image, just as it does in static images.

Participants learn to deal with the variety of technical possibilities and to assess the adequate means for their production intention. They learn the basics of craftsmanship and practise how a project is conceived, realised and implemented until publication. In the process, the experience of cadrage (image detail), logical image sequence (narration), rhythm and image aesthetics is strengthened. The other component, sound, is examined and discussed in detail in terms of its effect and message. The moment of "light" is not only considered as an important element in the composition of the picture, but also in the intention to present the publication in the form of a scenographic room installation.

In the last part of the workshop, the work samples are presented to each other in a final presentation in the respective intended publication channels.

Here the circle closes, revealing how important design decisions are in relation to the intended publication channel. Someone who produces a "reel" for the smartphone and Instagram will design different images and image sequences than the person who produces for the stage and a large-screen projection.

Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP)

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Institute Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP)

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