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CAS Cybersecurity and Information Risk Management (CISSP/BSI/ISO/NIST)

Certified competence to prevent attacks and protect assets

Key data

ECTS points
3 months
School days
CHF 7'500

Safety first! Cyber-attacks, information security and risk management are top issues for management. Today, the protection of digital assets (information, company, and personal data) is business critical. Therefore, cybersecurity strategies, security awareness campaigns and comprehensive information security management are necessary tools for managers in the IT environment.

IT security is a growing market in IT. This course offers IT professionals and career changers the opportunity to expand their skills around cybersecurity in a targeted manner. Our classes are characterised by a mix of IT and business IT specialists as well as people with a legal background, board members, consultants, and auditors. In addition to a solid technical foundation, you will gain a broad overview of security and risk management, law, awareness campaigns and cybersecurity. Furthermore, you will apply this knowledge to a project and thus receive a template for the implementation in your company/organisation.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive:

  • FHNW Certificate CAS Cybersecurity and Information Risk Management
  • ISO 27001 Foundation Certificate
  • General preparation for Cybersecurity challenges and examination (e.g. CISSP)
  • Compact knowledge ISO, BSI and NIST