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Competence Upgrade Diagnostica

Competence upgrade for application of ocular diagnostic drugs to achieve professional qualification as an optometrist in Switzerland

Key data

ECTS points
Next start
September 06, 2021
2 semester
Teaching language
English only
CHF 1750


Application is now closed.

Optometrists who have completed the FHNW Bachelor of Science in Optometry have received extended professional competences, including the use of diagnostic drugs during eye examinations, with the introduction of the new health law GesBG on 1 February 2020.

Goal of this Competence Upgrade

This upgrade will provide you with state-of-the-art training in clinical optometry and offers you the possibility of registration as a Bachelor of Science in Optometry FHNW in the National Register of Healthcare Professions (Nareg).

Target Group

The upgrade is exclusively offered to graduates of the „SHFA/IFAO“ or those with the equivalent of „diplomierte/r Augenoptiker/in Schweiz“ with the additional qualification of Bachelor of Science/ Master of Science from Salus University (PCO) or Master of Science from Aalen University.

Module Overview

Learning outcomes
The competence upgrade comprises seven thematic areas that focus specifically on these new competences.




Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the competence upgrade Diagnostica.

FHNW School of Engineering, Olten

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Engineering, Institute of Optometry Riggenbachstrasse 16 CH - 4600 Olten
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