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FHNW students get various discounts and benefits, in the FHNW region or in the whole of Switzerland.

Merchandise Shop

The FHNW shop offers a collection of caps, shirts and hoodies with a stylish minimalist FHNW design.




FHNW students have free access to a range of software that is relevant for their studies. The available licences depend on the school and degree programme. All students have free access to the Microsoft 365 suite and all content on LinkedIn Learning.


FHNW Sports offers an attractive and diverse programme of sporting activities for regular exercise as well as providing access to lesser-known sports and the opportunity to make new friends. FHNW students can also use the offers of Basel University Sports.

FHNW students get discounts for various offers in sports shops as well as for classes in fitness centres. There are also options for cheaper rents on sports material or services. There are also many online classes available that are free of charge for FHNW students.


FHNW Sports

More offers

Further discounts as well as offers depending on your study location are available in Inside FHNW (access only for FHNW members).