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Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour 2

Modul group

Curriculum FT: 3rd semester, PT: 3rd semester
Language English
Content Economic, societal and technological developments - such as globalisation, demographic change and digitalisation - present organisations and companies with challenges of fundamental importance. The module is intended to enable students as future specialists and managers to deal with these developments from the perspective of human resource management (HRM) and organisational behaviour (OB) and to develop practice-oriented solutions. Students deal intensively with the analysis, evaluation and design of key topics, such as leadership and teamwork in organisations and human resources management. On the basis of relevant theories and models, students can examine their existing views and assumptions. The acquired knowledge should help students to build up an understanding or knowledge of the (current) topics of personnel management and the behaviour of people in organisations and to actively deal with personnel-related topics in companies.


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