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Master in Sustainable Business Development (trinational)

The new trinational, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented Master's programme: unique in Europe.

Key data

Triple Degree:
3 internationally recognised Master's degrees (MSc)
ECTS points
Start of semester
Annually in September
Studying mode
2 years
Teaching language
Basel (CH), Offenburg (D), Strasbourg (F)
Semester fee
CHF 700 (for residents of Switzerland)
For details see fees


Number of study places per year limited to 36 in total, 12 per partner university

We train young people who want to make a difference – and that’s today, not tomorrow!

With the trinational Master's programme "Master of Science in Sustainable Business Development", we help develop people who are committed to creating a sustainable future by applying their knowledge and their determination to make a change. You will learn to develop and implement sustainable business models that are economically successful and make a positive contribution to the environment and society. In trinational student teams, you will integrate knowledge from the fields of sustainability, business and digitalisation applying your newly won understanding  directly in practice to drive sustainable change. Learning coaches will support, motivate and individually supervise you in your projects.

Unique benefits

  • You study trinationally in German, French and English, learning to work in international teams and taking responsibility.
  • You study with a practical focus, putting your acquired knowledge directly into practice and developing solutions for complex problems in the areas of sustainable business management and circular business models.
  • You study in an interdisciplinary context, combining knowledge and skills from the fields of sustainability, management, digitalisation and technology. This enables you to look at complex problems from different perspectives and develop holistic, innovative and future-oriented solutions.
  • You study with an expert network and cooperate with specialists and executives from business, politics and society throughout the whole duration of your studies, laying the foundation for a successful career.

The Master's programme enables you to become a changemaker ready to take on responsible roles to drive sustainable development. The field offers diverse and international career prospects in industries and fields including management consultancy, corporate management, NGOs and the public sector. You will also be equipped to launch your own start-up and realise your own sustainable business idea.

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Book an online info call with the programme director Prof. Dr. Jörg Wombacher. In a personal call, you can ask all your questions and get a detailed picture of the degree programme.

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Study trinationally.

With students from Germany, France and Switzerland, you will study at the FHNW School of Business (Switzerland), the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the EM Strasbourg Business School, Université de Strasbourg (France), and benefit from a first-class education at three established universities with excellent reputations. You will receive three Master's degrees, one from each university.


Interdisciplinary study.

The study programme integrates economic, ecological and social aspects in order to develop business models that are sustainable in the long term. The focus is on the following questions:

  • How can people be persuaded to consume sustainably?
  • How can business models, production processes and supply chains be designed to minimise the environmental footprint and promote social responsibility?
  • How can the opportunities offered by digitalisation and new technologies be used to drive sustainable development?
  • How can individuals, businesses and governments work together to promote a sustainable economy?

To answer these and other questions, knowledge and skills from a range of areas are combined and taught:

  • Circular Economy Systems
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Sustainable Business Strategies
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • Renewable Energies
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Globalisation, Geopolitics and Sustainability
  • Corporate Culture and Change Management

Practical Focus.

More than half of your studies are spent working on real sustainability projects from companies, NGOs and public organisations. In trinational teams - accompanied by learning coaches - you put your acquired knowledge and skills into practice and develop solutions for complex problems in the field of sustainability. You will gain valuable practical experience and know-how and learn how companies can use sustainability as an opportunity.

Expert Network.

You benefit from extensive contacts of the three partner universities with international actors from science, business, politics and civil society. During your studies, you will build up a comprehensive network and thus lay the foundation for a successful international career. In addition to practical projects in companies, the three universities offer you a variety of platforms and activities such as visits to the European Parliament, international NGOs, government organisations and associations.


Graduating from this degree programme at the three renowned universities will open up a wide range of career opportunities for you, including the following areas:

  • Sustainability Management
  • Managing Sustainability in NGOs and the Public Sector
  • Product and Life Cycle Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Transformation Management
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Founding your own company

Sustainability is not a trend, but a fundamental necessity that will have a significant impact on every process in companies and other organisations in the future!


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Co-financing partners

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Basel Peter Merian

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Business Peter Merian-Strasse 86 4002 Basel
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Offenburg University of Applied Sciences Badstrasse 24 77652 Offenburg
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EM Strasbourg Business School, Université de Strasbourg 61 Avenue de la Forêt Noire 67085 Strasbourg