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Computer Science and Information Technology

Programming, information processing and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Nowadays, computer science is present in virtually all areas of life. An education in this richly varied subject area makes you a sought-after specialist and gives you access to an attractive range of careers. Whether software development, the embedding of IT systems, the optimisation of business operations or the processing and analysis and medical data: FHNW offers a range of different degree programmes addressing the various fields in which computer sciences are applied.

Bachelor of Science

Computer Sciences

Study at the forefront of technological development.

to Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences – iCompetence study programme

The combination of computer science with design and management.

to Computer Sciences – iCompetence study programme

Business Information Technology

Innovative approaches to manage digitalisation

to Business Information Technology


Be where the decisions are made.

to Wirtschaftsinformatik

Business Artificial Intelligence

Shaping and leading tomorrow's companies with artificial intelligence.

to Business Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Become an expert in artificial intelligence

to Data Science

Master of Science

Medical Informatics

Apply digital techniques and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

to Medical Informatics

Business Information Systems

Information systems, business models and innovation in a digital economy

to Business Information Systems

Engineering MSE

The Master's programme is aimed at Bachelor's graduates of a technically oriented degree programme who wish to further deepen their knowledge in their ...

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International Track

International Track in Computer Science

The International Track allows you to study in English, the language of the computer science industry. Subjects include Programming, Computer Graphics and ...

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Undergraduate Programmes with Modules in Computer Science

Electrical and Information Technology

Smart responses to the challenges of our time.

to Electrical and Information Technology

Mechatronics Trinational

Study in Switzerland, Germany and France.

to Mechatronics Trinational

Systems Engineering

The interdisciplinary synthesis of electrical engineering, computer sciences and mechanical engineering.

to Systems Engineering

Graduate Programmes with Modules in Computer Science

Life Sciences

Prepare for a career in Applied Research and Development in Life Sciences in one of nine specialisations.

to Life Sciences

MSE - Geomatics

"Study Geomatics - The Space is Yours"

to MSE - Geomatics