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BSc Data Science

Extracting secrets from data

Personal purchase recommendations, medical diagnoses, self-propelled cars, stock exchange trading or online marketing - all of this would not be possible without Data Science. Data is the new raw material of our economy. As a data scientist, you can distil relevant knowledge from the growing volume of data and recognize patterns and identify anomalies. Data Scientists create the basis for drawing the right conclusions from existing data.

What you will learn:


Programming artificial intelligence applications.


How to address economic issues in a data-based way.


An ethical way of handling data and artificial intelligence.


How to communicate with decision-makers in the fields of medicine, industry and business


Data Science at the FHNW

Yooture - The app for job seekers

The School of Engineering FHNW has developed an elaborated matching method for the innovative start-up Yooture.

to Yooture - The app for job seekers

Bonseyes Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence

The FHNW Institute for Interactive Technologies develops a marketplace for the open development of systems of artificial intelligence (AI). The marketplace ...

to Bonseyes Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence

FHNW School of Engineering, Brugg-Windisch

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Engineering Klosterzelgstrasse 2 CH - 5210 Windisch
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