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BSc Data Science

Become an expert in artificial intelligence

Key data

Bachelor of Science FHNW in Data Science
ECTS points
Teaching language
German level C1 / English B2 recommended (B1 compulsory)


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The undergraduate programme in Data Science will enable you to analyse data, develop artificial intelligence applications and use machine learning to uncover correlations in society, the economy and the environment and predict future developments. You will lay the foundation for well-founded decisions, innovation and digitalisation. The modern study format, which enables both digital and campus-based learning, allows you to study flexibly and individually. Thanks to the broad-based curriculum and extensive coaching programmes, you will be optimally prepared for the demands of the 21st century during the course of your studies:

✔️ Developing artificial intelligence, from A to Z
✔️ Practical projects from the 1st semester onwards
✔️ Flexible learning thanks to the new-learning study format
✔️ Individual coaching programme included

Learn to develop artificial intelligence – from the ground up and without compromise. From the very first semester, you will apply your new skills to data-based challenges in business and society.

Our unique new-learning study programme enables you to prepare for your professional life in a flexible, self-directed and networked way.

In addition, we offer you an individual coaching programme that helps you to develop not only professionally but also personally. You will start your professional career with strengthened personal and social skills and will be ideally equipped to succeed.

Why study Data Science at the FHNW?

Welcome to the world of data and artificial intelligence

In our Bachelor's degree programme in Data Science, you will learn programming in Python and R, statistics, data analysis and visualisation and immerse yourself in machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning. You will familiarise yourself with applications such as natural language processing, image- and signal-based deep learning, social network analysis and recommender systems.

You will learn how to work with databases, cloud services and high-performance computing and will be able to develop efficient machine learning algorithms. You will acquire the ability to apply your work as a data scientist to economic or social issues and to categorise it legally and ethically.

But expertise alone is not enough.
We support you in developing your 21st century skills: communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and help you to strengthen your personal and social skills through individual coaching. And - last but not least - you will acquire the most important tool in a rapidly changing world: You will learn to be a self-directed learner and to continuously develop yourself.

After graduating, you will be ready to take on the challenges of the data science age. Are you ready to conquer the world of data

Flexible curriculum

The undergraduate programme consists of eleven module groups, all of which you have to complete. We don't care which modules you take, because we don't have any compulsory modules (except for the Bachelor's thesis). There is no regular semester plan, you decide which modules you take and when. You can also choose which module group you want to prioritise by taking more modules.

FHNW School of Engineering, Brugg-Windisch

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Engineering Klosterzelgstrasse 2 CH - 5210 Windisch
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