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Code The Score

In the second semester, a team of Computer Science students developed a game that teaches children how to program in a fun way.

The "Code The Score" learning game was developed as an exhibit for the touring exhibition called "Achtung, Technik, Los", which was designed to stimulate enthusiasm in young people for the world of science and technology – an ideal way of giving school pupils a better understanding of computer sciences while having fun at the same time. However, the game is also designed to achieve the desired learning effect and pupils end up with a basic understanding of how a program works in principle.

Using the "Leap Motion" controller, children can control an aeroplane with hand movements. The aim is to collect different snippets of code. The game is being developed further as part of another student project in order to be used at the "Achtung Technik Los" exhibition.

Project information

  • Client: "Achtung, Techik, Los"
  • Project team: Christian Scheller, Luca Ingold, Michael Roth, Kevin Biehler, Elias Henz, Line Stettler, Andreas Zirn and A Nhi Chang
  • Supervision: Ruedi Müller