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Information and Communication Technology System Management

Within the scope of this specialisation, students learn the necessary know-how to plan and securely operate critical IT infrastructures.

Information and Communication Technology System Management is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree programme.

“The skills I acquired in the ICT System Management specialisation, from both a technical and methodical perspective, greatly enhanced my understanding of the technical and operational relationships within ICT. The knowledge I gained perfectly supported my professional development and partly gave me quite an edge over more experience employees.”

Manuel Flury

The planning, implementation and operation of IT services are becoming increasingly complex. Due to increasing digitalization, companies need secure and reliable IT infrastructure to operate applications and services. The ICT System Management specialization provides students with a comprehensive overview of how to plan and implement ICT infrastructures for companies.

This includes the following topics:

  • Planning and implementation of data centre infrastructures
  • Private and public cloud computing
  • Infrastructure and application security
  • Advanced Network Services and Network Security
  • ICT Standards and Frameworks
  • Cybersecurity

We impart the necessary know-how to students in the form of classroom instruction, labs and practice-oriented workshops.