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Usability laboratory

Computer programs, software solutions and websites are only as good as their usability permits. extent to which they can easily be operated by the respective target group. To ensure user-friendliness(usability), the field of usability engineering offers various test and optimisation processes.

The Usability Lab is a laboratory available to students on the Computer Sciences degree programme and can be used for courses and student projects; the lab has eye-tracking technology for capturing eye movement and thereby enables students to carry out professional tests.


Our laboratory features a test room equipped with an eye-tracking system, evaluation software, cameras and an interview area.

The observation room is located outside the test room; from the observation area, those conducting the test and others involved in the project can follow the test procedure live via a shared screen and camera connection.

For on-site assignments, we offer a mobile eye tracking set-up.


We are happy to assist you with our expertise and look forward to .


Prof. Dr. Arzu Çöltekin
Prof. Dr. Arzu Çöltekin Head of the FHNW Institute for Interactive Technologies, Lecturer HCI & XR
Telephone +41 56 202 84 73 (direct)
Thekla Müller
Thekla Müller Research Associate
Telephone +41 56 202 78 25 (direct)