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Distributed Software Systems

As part of the Distributed Software Systems specialisation, you will become familiar with current technologies necessary for the implementation of distributed, secure and scalable web applications.

Distributed Software Systems is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences degree programme.

“The modules for the Distributed Software Systems major (particularly “Enterprise Application Frameworks” and “Web Frameworks”) were well suited to the work that I do today. If you develop business software in a Java environment, there is a good chance you will encounter the topics addressed in your lectures (Spring/JPA or JavaScript/TypeScript and SPAs).”

Adrian Herzog, Zühlke Engineering AG

The Distributed Software Systems specialisation addresses current software architectures, technologies, frameworks and methods for the development of scalable, flexible and secure distributed applications, particularly by using a variety of web technologies in the back- and frontend.

Key aspects here are the underlying architectures and programming models such as reactive programming where asynchronous data flows determine programming and architecture.

The issues of security and performance are a further focus. It is important that these non-functional requirements are already taken into account at the design, architecture and implementation stages of a distributed application.

Scalability, availability and fault tolerance are also key factors when it comes to current distributed systems which is why issues such as cloud computing and distributed data management are also addressed as part of this major.

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