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Information and Communication Technology System Management

ICT System Management involves designing, operating, monitoring and maintaining complex ICT infrastructures. It is the foundation of a reliable, secure, economical and sustainable ICT business.

Information and Communication Technology System Management is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences degree programme.

“The skills I acquired in the ICT System Management specialisation, from both a technical and methodical perspective, greatly enhanced my understanding of the technical and operational relationships within ICT. The knowledge I gained perfectly supported my professional development and partly gave me quite an edge over more experience employees.”

Manuel Flury

ICT system managers plan, construct, operate and maintain ICT environments. These include proprietary or third-party networks, servers, clients, security systems, peripherals and mobile devices, and the services running on them.

ICT system managers ensure that employees can access data and applications in a controlled manner and take charge of security, data protection, availability and quality of service. In addition, they are responsible for creating ICT invoices, detecting and correcting errors and making regular updates. IT system managers also need to know, assess and integrate new system, network and security technologies and architectures, including virtual and cloud-based services, into existing ICT environments.

The necessary knowledge is taught in the specialisation in theory and practice.

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