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Embedded Systems Design

Fail-safe, robust and energy-saving – these are the requirements for the next generation of IoT devices, which no area of life can do without these days. With the "Embedded Systems Design" specialisation profile, you will gain the knowledge to develop the products of tomorrow from scratch.

The specialisation profile "Embedded Systems Design" is part of the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology degree programme.


Whether it's a fitness tracker, an IoT app for smart metering systems or a complex monitoring system for Industry 4.0  our world is highly networked and needs specialists who are at home in both software and hardware development. This profile will enable graduates to develop products from sensors to dashboards for smartphones and thus revolutionise our world technologically.

Building on the basic knowledge of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology degree programme, you will learn all the relevant technologies that make up a modern embedded system: PCB design, microcontroller firmware, real-time operating systems, embedded Linux applications, wireless, network and web technologies. In addition, embedded devices, e.g. in aerospace, often place the highest demands on performance and robustness when processing and transmitting signals. Therefore, analogue electronics and digital circuit technology (FPGA), digital signal processing and digital communication technology are further focal points of this profile. The contents are taught in a clear and practice-oriented style and consolidated in numerous workshops, labs, and student projects.

The "Embedded Systems Design" specialisation profile equips you with all the tools you need to implement professional solutions from sensors to dashboards. You are thus optimally prepared for an exciting career in an SME, large company or start-up. Graduates in embedded systems are wildly in demand for various applications, e.g. medical technology, building automation, electromobility or consumer electronics.