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Career prospects Energy and Environmental Technology

As an energy and environment engineer, you are in high demand in the labour market.

If energy transition, mitigation of the consequences of climate change and long-term secure supply of vital goods to all people are to become reality, new, sustainable technologies are necessary in all areas of human activity. Graduates of the Energy and Environmental Engineering program have the skills and knowledge for the following activities:

  • Plan and operate renewable energy production facilities
  • Developing environmentally friendly products
  • Plan and operate efficient and environmentally friendly production facilities
  • Plan and evaluate sustainable and energy efficient buildings
  • Planning and implementation of operational optimization of existing buildings
  • Introduction and operation of environmental management in companies
  • Management of energy and environmental departments in municipalities and cantons.

Occupational fields

Statements from graduates

"We spend most of our lives in buildings and there is a lot of potential for sustainability there. I was able to learn about this through the specialization 'Energy in Buildings'. Today, I work every day to ensure that more and more buildings in Switzerland are heated with renewable energy and contribute to saving CO2."

Esther Siegenthaler, Specialist Buildings at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE. Graduate BSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering 2019.

"In the Energy and Environmental Engineering degree program, I acquired a holistic way of thinking. Now I am a good sparring partner - from solar planning for the community to project development in settlement ecology - to critically question and further develop existing ideas, concepts and processes. With the specialization 'Sustainable Business and Cleantech', I have received the necessary tools to additionally assess investments from a financial perspective, or to formulate corporate strategies and visions."

Christian Arber, Project Manager Energy and Environment, Municipality of Küsnacht, Graduate BSc Energy and Environmental Engineering 2015

"Through this program, I have learned to quickly recognize correlations, to question statements and to form my own opinion in a short time. As a graduate of the EUT program, I speak the language of many different experts and can thus optimally build bridges and use synergies."

Yannic Rütti, Neosys AG, consulting for companies, authorities and municipalities in all areas of sustainable development. Graduate BSc Energy and Environmental Technology 2014.