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Energy Systems

As part of the Energy Systems specialisation, you will gain the ability to analyse, design and plan thermal and electrical energy systems with regard to energy, material and information flow.

Energy systems are a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Technology degree programme.

In addition to conventional energy-conversion processes (e.g. steam power stations), CO₂-neutral technologies such as the use of solar, wind and bio-energy are addressed. You will learn to assess the potential of these technologies and to devise, install and operate suitable systems. The efficient use of energy and monitoring material flow are also discussed in depth. In addition to technical aspects, economic, environmental and social aspects are also assessed.

With the knowledge you gain, you will be able to help shape the future of energy – be it while working with a regional energy distributor, a consulting and planning company in the energy sector, with the authorities or in the industrial sector.

Teaching for the Energy systems specialisation takes place exclusively in Brugg-Windisch. The supervisors come from a variety of institutes.

“As part of the Energy systems specialisation, we tackle exciting topics such as electrical network technologies, biomass or thermal plants. In doing so, we deal with and research aspects of energy production, energy storage and energy use from both a theoretical and practical perspective.”

Michael Grässle, Student
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