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Sustainable business and cleantech

In the specialisation "Sustainable Business and Cleantech" you will gain the competence to improve the sustainability performance of products and of processes in order to increase the competitiveness of companies.

Environment and Management is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Technology degree programme

Our society wants and needs improved products and services that meet the goals of sustainability. Engineers are challenged; the following questions arise in particular:

  • What requirements do stakeholders place on companies and their products concerning sustainability, and how can these be met?
  • How must a product be designed so that as little energy as possible is used in production, use and recycling, as few emissions as possible are produced, and so resources are used as sparingly as possible?
  • How must services and processes be designed?
  • How can concepts for products and processes be evaluated in terms of their environmental compatibility?
  • Which cleantech processes can be used?
  • What are the environmental legal framework conditions that are important for a company? What measures need to be taken to comply with them?
  • What are the economic opportunities and market advantages?

In the specialisation "Sustainable Management and Cleantech", you will learn to understand complex economic, political, technical and scientific interrelationships and learn methods to develop holistic solutions. With the competencies acquired in your studies, you will contribute to economic success in a company and optimally combine economic and ecological performance.

For the teaching in the specialization "Sustainable Management and Cleantech", the FHNW School of Engineering cooperates with the FHNW School of Business.

What current and former students have to say

"In my studies, I learned methods to make our society fit for the circular economy. We evaluated existing products and systems and designed new design principles, technical measures and business models."

Dominic Müller, BSc Energy and Environmental Engineering student. He is interested in developing a sustainable method for recoating used pans.

"In my studies, I am taught a broad range of theoretical knowledge, which I can apply in practice right away in interesting semester projects. The specialisation 'Sustainable Business and Cleantech' additionally shows me how a sustainable company can be successful on the market."

Severin Gremlich, BSc Energy and Environmental Technology student

"In the Energy and Environmental Engineering degree program, I acquired a holistic way of thinking. Now I am a good sparring partner - from solar planning for the community to project development in settlement ecology - to critically question and further develop existing ideas, concepts and processes. With the specialization 'Sustainable Business and Cleantech', I have received the necessary tools to additionally assess investments from a financial perspective, or to formulate corporate strategies and visions."

Christian Arber, Project Manager Energy and Environment, Municipality of Küsnacht, Graduate BSc Energy and Environmental Engineering 2015

"Through this program, I have learned to quickly recognize correlations, to question statements and to form my own opinion in a short time. As a graduate of the EUT program, I speak the language of many different experts and can thus optimally build bridges and use synergies."

Yannic Rütti, Neosys AG, consulting for companies, authorities and municipalities in all areas of sustainable development. Graduate BSc Energy and Environmental Technology 2014.