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Optimisation of pump station in Zurich

In their third semester, Energy and Environmental Technology students optimised the pump station in Wollishofen on behalf of the city of Zurich.


The Wollishofen pump station in Zurich transports 1,600,000 cubic litres of wastewater a year. The wastewater is guided to the purification plant via four pumps each with a capacity of 250 litres per second. Over the next five years, the 35-year-old machines will be replaced by new pumps with a higher capacity. At the moment, the pumps are only in operation  5% of the time and use 5% of their energy for starting and stopping. The students were given the assignment by "Energie Recycling Zürich" and were tasked with optimising the set-up of the pumps in such a way that the entire plant consumes less energy.

The students have advised  the city of Zurich to configure the pumps with a flow rate of 80/200/470 litres per second. This set-up has the shortest start/stop sequences,  thereby consuming the least amount of energy.

Project details

  • Client: Energie Recycling Zürich ERZ
  • Students: Markus Bossert, Aline Roth, Tobias Rüggeberg and Yves Siegrist
  • Coach: Dipl. Ing. Klaus Eisele