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Studying part-time while working

Are you already successfully employed and would like to advance your level of technical expertise without giving up your job?

Taking the Energy and Environmental Technology degree on a part-time basis while working allows you to combine a degree with your profession. In addition to the degree, it is possible to work in a qualified role for up to 60% of the time over three working days per week.


In general, the degree takes four years. Over the year, you will attend lessons two days per week for a period of 33 weeks; a workshop and end-of-module examinations take place in tuition-free time.

Time required

The amount of time required for the degree is around 600 hours per semester. Classes  are from 08.15–18.00, but can go on  until 21.15.


Compared to a full-time degree, the choice of modules is restricted if you can only attend lessons on the two given days . If you have more flexibility timewise, you can choose from the full  range of modules on offer.


Prof. Dr. Peter Stuber
Prof. Dr. Peter Stuber Programme Head Bachelor Energy and Environmental Technology
Telephone +41 56 202 76 46 (direct)