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WIng offers students a lively environment and the opportunity to actively exchange ideas and information with the business and industry sectors.

The Wing event is a fixed anchor point in the degree programme at which students can present their projects to a large audience. It links an extremely  wide range of programme content with topical themes from the world of business. A key component is the interplay between the student presentations and the keynote address by a prominent representative from the field of business, politics, culture or sport.

Speakers from the world of politics have  included  Christine Egerszegi and Pascale Bruderer Wyss, members of the Council of States, and the late Otto Ineichen, National Councillor and entrepreneur. Personalities from the world of sport such as former national football team trainer Ottmar Hitzfeld or major business figures such as Jürgen Dormann (ABB, Sulzer), Fritz Wyss (Emmi) and Heinz Karrer (economiesuisse) have shaped the event as well.