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Visit the Venice Biennale with virtual reality glasses

Two students have developed an interactive journey through time at the Venice Biennale for the Swiss Institute for Art Research.

The Biennale event takes place in Venice every two years; Switzerland is represented at the event with its own pavilion.  The aim of the project was to create a virtual art archive – the "Biennale 4D" –enabling people to re-live past exhibitions from 1952 through to the present day. The difficulty lies in the fact that the exhibitions are of a very varied nature and some of the archive collections are incomplete.

The Swiss Institute for Art Research tasked two iCompetence students from the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland with developing a virtual-reality application for the HTC Vive virtual-reality glasses that should make this

The students created a prototype which allows multiple exhibitions to be experienced in the course of a single visit. Users can move through the different years, gaining an impression of the various past exhibitions from archive photos.

Project information

  • Client: Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft
  • Project team: Kathrin Koebel, Olivia Kaufmann
  • Supervision: Prof. Dr. Doris Agotai, Prof. Dr. Stefan Arisona, Filip Schramka