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Studying part-time while working

iCompetence students can undertake the degree on a part-time basis, full-time or part-time basis. Part-time students may or may not be gainfully employed at the same time. and part-time basis while in employment Part-time study. This enables students to tailor their course study to programme based on the amount of time they have available while in employment or bringing up a family.

The option of studying part-time while in employment is ideal: I can immediately implement what I have learnt in the company I work for. My employer and I benefit from the fact that I am broadening my knowledge and skills.

Céline Solenthaler, student studying on a part-time basis while in employment, Bachelor of Science FHNW in iCompetence, coresystems ag


The full-time course takes three years and it is not possible to be in employment at the same time. As a part-time student, you study with full-time students but complete fewer modules per semester. If a student is in employment for 40% of the time, the part-time study programme generally takes four years.

Studying part-time while working: hours of teaching and project work

The course model whereby students study part-time while in employment is ideal if you already work in the computer science sector. The respective student must work 40% of the time and can work up to a maximum of 70% of the time while studying. The degree takes four years to complete.

Lessons take place on Mondays as well as Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

Undertaking the iCompetence programme on a part-time basis while in employment

With the "part-time-while-working" course model, lessons begin a week earlier in the autumn semester and end a week later in the spring semester. Furthermore, as a student studying part-time while working, you will also work on your project assignments during tuition-free time.

Credit for IT projects 1 and 2 is given to students studying part-time while in employment if they are carrying out job-related projects at the same time. The Course Director can provide information on the precise conditions. If the two projects cannot be covered by job-related projects, you will complete the two projects at the school and must spend an additional afternoon at the school to do so.

Employers of students studying part-time while in employment can submit information for the projects relating to the respective job. This is the perfect way to combine university study with a job.


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Prof. Dr. Barbara Scheuner

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