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Career prospects Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are at home at both a development office and a research lab.

It is common to come across mechanical engineers in the operating theatre of a clinic, on an oil rig or commissioning a power station. All the  facilities we rely on in our daily lives depend on mechanical engineers.

With technology being developed on an ongoing basis, the occupational profile of mechanical engineers is constantly changing. Aside from technical innovation, economic, ecological and social requirements nowadays also have to be taken into account.

Our graduates are capable of taking on tasks in a variety of occupational fields. These include planning, designing, evaluating, constructing, producing and testing products or assemblies.

They are characterised by their capacity for teamwork and innovation and their ability to develop practically viable solutions. They can use modern software tools in a responsible manner.

Innovations for our export-oriented industry are the result of motivated mechanical engineers with well-founded technical expertise.

The wide-ranging study programme of the Mechanical Engineering degree at the FHNW School of Engineering is an excellent basis on which to build a successful career.

Viviane Gamboni, Bachelor of Science FHNW in Mechanical Engineering