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Flight characteristics of Hornussen

Mechanical Engineering student Matthias Hippen investigated the aerodynamics of the projectiles used in the traditional Swiss sport called "Hornussen".


The simulation of the stability of a "Hornuss" during flight (image: Matthias Hippen).

The traditional Swiss sport "Hornussen" involves hitting an flying object – referred to as a "Hornuss" – as far away as possible. Thanks to the use of carbon- fibre-reinforced bats, the flying distance of the "Hornuss" has increased in recent years. For the sport to be more interesting, the flying object should not fly as far.

On behalf of the national association for this sport, Matthias Hippen was tasked with carrying out experiments to test the range of different flying objects made of alternative materials and in new forms. The Mechanical Engineering student investigated the rotational behaviour and stability of the "Hornuss" during flight using a simulation program. In the wind channel, he compared the calculations with the aerodynamic behaviour. Matthias Hippen was then able to present an Excel program, which allows the precise  flight path of the  "Hornuss" to  be called up by specifying its  form and material.

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