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Product Development

Design, simulation and optimisation of products using innovative technologies, materials and manufacturing processes.

Product Development is a specialisation of the Bachelor of Science programme in mechanical engineering in close cooperation with the FHNW Institute for Product and Production Engineering.

"Today's market constantly demands new and better products that provide added value to the consumer. In order to meet these demands in the future, it is essential that companies are able to bring high-quality products to the market with short development cycles using the latest methods and tools. In the Product Development specialisation, from detailed product development to production, a sound specialist knowledge is taught in order to be able to assert and prove themselves in this dynamic market".

Manuela Dreier, student

In the specialisation Product Development you will learn to develop products (components, assemblies, machines, plants), to analyse them by means of simulation and experiment and to optimise them, taking into account economic conditions, technical specifications and relevant standards. The selection of suitable materials and manufacturing processes is also part of your area of expertise.

The modern and extensive laboratory and computer infrastructure enables the optimal and individually tailored combination of experimental and numerical expertise. This includes the laboratories for:
Finite element simulation (FEM), computer-aided engineering (CAE), materials science, digitalisation, production engineering, 3D scanning, additive manufacturing (AM), laser micro-material processing, acoustics, and static and dynamic component testing.

This specialisation allows graduates to enter industry as development or calculation engineers, later to work as development managers or even to manage an SME.