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International orientation

The Mechatronics Trinational programme clearly has a strong international focus both in terms of the language and intercultural skills it imparts and the foreign study opportunities it offers students and lecturers on the course come from all three countries. This allows the students to experience the teaching culture and methodology of each country at first hand.

A multi-language degree programme offers many additional benefits – especially in a period of increasing globalisation. Subjects such as intercultural management are also an integral part of the programme. In addition to the German-Swiss-French environment, Asian-Western intercultural challenges are covered – one of the most topical issues at present.

In addition, the practical industry periods integrated into the degree programme provide an excellent opportunity to further develop the international orientation already embedded in the programme. Past  students have completed work placements in China, Singapore, Great Britain, the USA and Madagascar in addition to France, Switzerland and Germany.

Study trips

Another element are national and international  study trips . All three countries involved in the degree programme organise their own study trips, thereby giving students an insight into the European business world.

A noteworthy option is the ten-day study trip to China, which was offered to students for the first time in 2016. This study trip included theoretical modules in cooperation with Tongji University in Shanghai as well as the chance to visit a host of companies in the greater Shanghai/Kunshan/Suzhou area.

The objective of this study trip is to acquaint  young engineering students with many aspects of this diverse country and to provide insights at the grassroots level. Theoretical topics such as economic development, China as a location for business, innovation and infrastructural development  are also included in the programme. Multiple company visits are an integral part of the study trips. Various city tours, museum visits and social events round off the trips.