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Industrial automation technology

Automation is infiltrating every technical domain in our society. Be it in the industrial sector, the chemistry industry, the energy distribution segment, traffic management, building automation through to the automation of modern households.

Engineers with a major in industrial automation are sought after in the industrial segment. They have to work with a goal in mind while taking into account a range of disciplines and be able to describe the real world using physical principles in order to understand its dynamic connections. The universal principles of automation technology can be applied to a variety of domains.

The industrial automation technology specialisation covers the following topics:

  • Measurement, control and regulation technology
  • Automation engineering and robotics
  • Industry 4.0

With regard to measurement and control technology, the focus is on designing intelligent control systems for individual devices, systems and assembly lines right up to entire factories. Using modern regulation technology methods, the dynamics of processes are optimised to achieve the desired behaviour.

In automation engineering and robotics, you will learn how to successfully complete extensive automation projects. The methodology and specialist skills necessary for this are acquired through practical examples. 

Industry 4.0 is the name given to the fourth industrial revolution, which is featured heavily in all media today. The current research and development in this field promotes the networking and integration of computers, networks and physical processes in industry.