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Music theory MA

Training the music theorists of tomorrow

The FHNW Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy with a Music Theory Major consolidates the basic knowledge which the students have acquired at Bachelor level. The programme enables them to build on their existing skill set and prepares them for a career in their chosen field. Students receive intensive tuition in music theory as well as thorough pedagogical training. At the end of their studies, they are qualified to teach music theory on a private basis, at music schools and as a compulsory subject at music academies.

Intellectual ability and musicianship

The FHNW Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy with a Music Theory Major places considerable emphasis on the students’ reflective intellectual abilities (including research-related aspects), their musicianship (writing stylistic exercises and small-scale compositions, score playing and improvisation) and their capacity to talk about and write on the subject in a clear and competent manner. Students may also make use of external educational opportunities in the fields of music theory, music practice and musicology (at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, the University of Basel or the Paul Sacher Stiftung) in order to acquire knowledge and ideas beyond the boundaries of their own subject that could be of benefit in their future career.


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