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Contemporary music

In-depth engagement with contemporary music

The FHNW Master of Arts in Specialised Music Performance with a Contemporary Music Major offers students to engage with and specialise in this field. Students who already possess a high level of instrumental proficiency, as well as the relevant experience and knowledge benefit from a comprehensive, goal-oriented programme that focuses on the performance practice of contemporary music. As a result, they will have the necessary qualifications to pursue a career as a professional musician, either in a solo capacity or as part of a chamber music or larger music ensemble, and be equipped to compete/work at international level.

“zone expérimentale” – Contemporary Chamber Music Ensemble

In addition to basic practical and theoretical training, students of the FHNW Master of Arts in Specialised Music Performance with a Contemporary Music Major will work extensively on contemporary chamber music and with the ensemble “zone expérimentale”, both with their tutor and the STUDIO for Contemporary Music. Here, the student group works as a class, on a regular basis, together with their tutors and/or guests. They take part in workshops, class lessons, seminars, masterclasses and colloquia.

Support and guidance from qualified tutors

Besides their tutoring duties, the artistic directors of the programme advise students in designing their study programme and support them with their Master thesis. This programme is complemented by theoretical courses offered by the School of Music. Concert and performance projects are developed in cooperation with students from other disciplines such as Improvisation, Composition, and Audio Design to be realized as part of national and international festivals.


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