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Open Creation

Open Creation

Prof. Andrea Neumann

to Prof. Andrea Neumann

Prof. Michael Svoboda

to Prof. Michael Svoboda

Prof. Svetlana Maraš

to Prof. Svetlana Maraš

Prof. Volker Böhm

to Prof. Volker Böhm

Prof. Johannes Kreidler

to Prof. Johannes Kreidler

Prof. Michel Roth

to Prof. Michel Roth

Prof. Caspar Johannes Walter

to Prof. Caspar Johannes Walter

Prof. Yaron Deutsch

to Prof. Yaron Deutsch

Prof. Sarah Maria Sun

to Prof. Sarah Maria Sun

Prof. Marcus Weiss

to Prof. Marcus Weiss

Prof. Alfred Zimmerlin

to Prof. Alfred Zimmerlin

Dirk Koy, Lecturer Time Based Media / Focus Medium (FHNW Academy of Art and Design)
Hannah Weinberger, Lecturer Institute Art Gender Nature (FHNW Academy of Art and Design)