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Mar 19, 2021 | University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland


The FHNW is taking these organisational and distancing measures to protect its employees, students and participants in continuing education.

Updated content (19 March 2021)

  • The FHNW protection concept introduced on 18 January 2021 continues to apply.
  • Distance learning and teleworking continue to be the norm.
  • As the campus buildings remain closed and access is possible only with exceptional authorisation, the campus libraries also remain closed. The supply of media is ensured. The FHNW will make a decision on opening the libraries as soon as the Federal Council relaxes the requirements for distance learning and teleworking. Separate provisions apply to the Vera Oeri Library of the FHNW School of Music and City of Basel Music Academy.

FHNW protection concept from 18 January 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the “special situation” as defined by the Epidemics Act of (EpG) has been in force in Switzerland since 19 June 2020. Based on this act, the Federal Council issued the Covid-19 Ordinance and amended it on 28 October 2020.

The FHNW’s Covid-19 protection concept contains the following key protective measures:

  • From 18 January 2021 access to the premises of the FHNW is permitted only in the event of operational necessity and only with exceptional authorisation from the president, vice-presidents, school directors or campus managers, as the case may be, e.g. for examinations.
  • As a matter of principle, degree and continuing education programmes are now taking place online in the virtual domain. Exceptions to this are a matter for the relevant director.

Information on specific implementation measures concerning the Schools and Services is provided by the respective Schools and Services. Queries regarding implementation of the aforementioned measures should be directed to the relevant persons at the respective School and Services.

Working from home during the corona pandemic

Effective 18 January 2021, working from home becomes mandatory.
The president, vice-presidents, school directors or campus managers, as the case may be, shall decide on what activities require an in-person on-campus presence.

The imposed and indefinite situation of working from home is difficult for everyone. Specialists in occupational and organisational psychology at the FHNW School of Applied Psychology have put together the most important tips and advice for social-distanced working during the corona pandemic.
>> Tips and advice for working from home (in German)

Obligation to wear a face covering at the FHNW

The wearing of face coverings is now mandatory at the FHNW.
An exception to the obligation to wear a face covering is permitted only for persons who are alone in closed rooms or if the director has granted an exception where there are grounds for doing so (especially for music making, medical reasons, etc.).


The FHNW has a hotline for questions on dealing with the coronavirus.
Tel:           056 202 75 75
E-Mail:     Y29yb25hQGZobncuY2g=

Current situation in Switzerland

>> Latest information on the coronavirus by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

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