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Prof. Dr. Stefan Keller

Prof. Dr. Stefan Keller

Prof. Dr. Stefan Keller

Professor of English Teaching and Deputy Director of Institute of Educational Sciences

Consultation Hours

Please fix a date with my secretary: YW5hYmVsLnZlc2VyQGZobncuY2g=(from March to the end of September 2018, please contact Cyrill Eichler: Y3lyaWxsLmVpY2hsZXJAZmhudy5jaA==)

Stefan Keller is deputy director of the Institute for Educational Sciences (University of Basel. For matters relating studying English at School of Teacher Education PH FHNW, please contact  Dr. J. Fleckenstein

For the Institute of Educational Sciences (University of Basel) see also

Focus of research and teaching

Methodology of English teaching and learning at secondary and tertiary level;  second language acquisition research (especially writing); defining and measuring foreign language competences in educational standards; large-scale assessment.

Bachelor- Master- and PhD Theses

For information relating to writing a BA, MA or PdD thesis with Prof. Keller, please contact  an Cyrill Eichler (Y3lyaWxsLmVpY2hsZXJAZmhudy5jaA==)

Regarding PhD theses in subject specific teaching methodology, please contact ZmFjaGRpZGFrdGlrZW5AdW5pYmFzLmNo.

Academic courses

Sek II: Methodology of English teaching (writing, grammar and vocabulary, competence-oriented teaching, literature).

Sek I: Linguistics of the English language; Literary Criticism, Literary Analysis

Background in English teaching and learning.

  • Student of English literature and linguistics at Zurich, Aberdeen und Cambridge University

  • Teacher of English at various Gymnasiums in Switzerland, esp. Realgymnasium Rämibühl, Zurich

  • PhD student with Brian Vickers (ETH Zurich) and Andreas Fischer (University of Zurich) und lecturer for English literature at ETH

  • Senior research assistant at Institut für Gymnasial- und Berufspädagogik at University of Zurich (today: Institute for Educational Sciences)

  • Professor of English teaching and learning at School of Teacher Education Basel (FHNW)

  • Deputy director of Institute of Educational Sciences at University of Basel

  • Teacher educator in Switzerland and beyond

  • Writer of books and articles on tasks, feedback and crime fiction…

There is nothing so exciting for me as sitting in an (English) classroom, notepad on knees, and reflecting ‘what is happening here?’

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