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Digital tools to aid the professional integration of migrants

Interactive videos in a range of languages are to be used to provide targeted support during the application process.

Career guidance makes it significantly easier for someone from a migrant background to integrate pro-fessionally but consultations are often inadequate, expensive or impeded by language barriers.

Providing support during the application process

The aim of this project is to use digital media to improve the current situation. There are plans to use interactive videos, available in a range of languages, to provide targeted support during the application process. The project uses media to support people with a migrant background through the processes of looking for a job, writing a job application and preparing for an interview, allowing them to take control of their own integration into the job market.

Benefits of interactive videos

Research shows that interactive videos help people to learn more efficiently. Participants are able to repeat difficult sections and/or slow them down, while the option to add more information means that the videos can be used in an individually tailored way. This could also help to overcome language barriers.

Project information

Manager and team
Prof. Dr. Carmen Zahn (Manager), Magdalena Mateescu (Joint Manager)
Canton of Valais, Department of Safety, Institutions and Sport (DSIS) Office for Population and Migration (DBM), Office for Integration. Contact: Mr Claudio Grichting
September 2017 - November 2018

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