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Effectiveness of challenges in the MyFoodways app

Empirical evaluation of challenges in the MyFoodways app with a theory derived framework specifically developed for Foodways Consulting Gmb

Many people aim to reduce food waste and eat more sustainably and healthily. For that reason, Foodways Consulting GmbH developed the MyFoodways app that has been downloaded over 30,000 times. The company realized that the app users’ initial motivation to reduce food waste and choose a more sustainable diet decreases with time. App users struggle to implement the advice offered in the app on a regular basis and long-term. Over time, they visit the app less. To boost app users‘ motivation and support them with long-term behavior change, Foodways Consulting GmbH has launched challenges. Challenges are competitions with daily micro-actions that help app users achieve a specific diet-related goal and possibly win the competition. In behavioral economics, challenges are conceptualized as nudges motivating behavior change.

In this research project, we assess the effectiveness of challenges in the MyFoodways app on long-term behavior change. As a theoretical underpinning for the empirical assessment, we develop an evaluation framework based on behavior theories, technology acceptance theories and achievement emotions. The empirical assessment utilizes app and survey data.

Project Dates

Lead and Team
Dr. Simone Griesser (project lead), Dr. Vivianne Visschers
FundingFoodways Consulting GmbH
CollaborationFoodways Consulting GmbH
DurationFebruary - December 2020

Picture: Pexels